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Product Detailed Specification

Titanium basket, Ti anode basket
Material: gr1 gr2
Application: electroplating
Titanium basket, Ti anode basket
Size: as drawing
Material: gr1 gr2
Application: electroplating
Name: Titanium and titanium alloyed mesh basket
Processing state: annealed
Shapes: It can be done according to customer's request.
Standard: YS/T577-2006, ASTM  B265
We supply titanium basket(titanium electroplating products),their other advantages include hence bath contamination,constant deposition,uniform current distribution,high anode efficiency,uniform anode area,high strength,light weight,non corrosive.less voltage loss,reduced consumption of plating material,etc.
We also offer titanium sheet and titanium plate,titanium bar and titanium rod,titanium tube and titanium pipe,titanium wire,titanium foil,titanium mesh plate,etc.
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