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Bango Alloy supply Heat Exchanger parts that can be adapted to other heat pump brands. Please contact us for more information and specifications.

Titanium heat exchangers utilize rifled titanium, in a coaxial, or “tube in tube” configuration. The rifled titanium tubing inside the heat exchanger swirls the water and refrigerant efficiently.  The expanded surface area of the rifled titanium maximizes its contact with the refrigerant and water, providing heat transfer at a greater rate. And since it’s titanium it will never corrode or wear out.  The results are more heat for less money, making a pool heater with a Titanium Heat Exchanger the most efficient pool heat pump in the world.
Uncoated bare titanium heat exchanger tubing eliminate ALL corrosion and maximize heat transfer efficiency. That's one of the reasons why our heat pumps have the highest COP (Coefficient of Performance) in the industry.

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